Choosing Construction Dinamo means working with efficient and effective partners in terms of planning and conceptualization, strategic evaluation and construction itself; regardless of the chosen contractual method.

Construction management

Stipulated price

Turnkey project


Site qualification;

Analysis of the construction strategies: regulation, land type and market;

Preliminary design;

Budget assessment;

Choice of design partners.

«I received exceptional professional services of a dynamic, well organized and efficient team; available at all times, respectful of the clauses and specifications of the contract (...) I have nothing but praise for this competent and responsible company. I also express my appreciation to the foremen whom I consider to be the best.»

Stéphane Savard, President, Orthotist, Hiker
TurboMed Orthotics


Preliminary planning;

Validation of municipal rules;

Optimal material and construction methods' choice;

Cost estimate.

«Dinamo is a contractor involved in several of our real estate projects, including Le Campari located in Sainte-Foy. The delivery of this building with 117 apartments and a commercial basilar was demonstrated by the quality of execution of the team, a few weeks ahead and on budget. »

Normand Bélanger, President and general director
Fonds de solidarité FTQ.


Construction planning;

Construction project management;

Collaboration with the suppliers and the authorities;

Administrative follow up;

Suggestion of solutions to construction problems;

Construction itself.

«Having completed since 2015 three commercial projects with Construction Dinamo, it gives me great pleasure to recommend this company whose expertise has conquered me since the very beginning. This managerial team, with its professional dynamism and remarkable accessibility, has been able to establish a relationship of trust which testifies to my great satisfaction for the quality of the work delivered on time.»

Francis Fréchette, President
Thibault GM et Fréchette Ford