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Quartier QB

Quartier QB

Quartier QB is one of the most daring residential projects in Eastern Quebec. The realization of this private real estate complex, which belongs to several corporations, has spread over three phases. The building has four towers for a total of 680 residential units, three interior parking level totaling 865 spaces and a commercial ground floor with a grocery store and a pharmacy.

  • Client

    Ivanhoé Cambridge
    Sobeys Québec inc.
    Société en commandite ICQB
    Douville, Moffet et associés inc.

  • Type of project


  • Contract type

    Construction management

  • Type of service

    Value analysis

    Project development

    Budgetary study

  • Location

    Chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois, Quebec, (Quebec)

  • Professionals

    Cime Consultants inc.
    Dupras Ledoux ing.

Dinamo's touch

  • Evaluate preliminary budgets for the entire project
  • Meet the budget
  • Ensure delivery and quality of each phase of the project on time 
  • Manage all billing and allocation of expenses to the three owners

«Thanks to Dinamo for the hard work, availability, competence and ethics at work. (...) We will not hesitate to give other important construction work to Construction Dinamo inc. in the future.»

Pierre Moffet, President
Douville, Moffet & Associés
Quartier QB
Quartier QB
Quartier QB
Quartier QB
Quartier QB in construction